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Let them eat lead

Critical Strike Portable takes online 3D gaming to the next level. Originally based on the gameplay from the popular PC shooter Counter Strike, Critical Strike is now its own unique entity. Utilizing the Unity 3D gaming engine and custom (non-Valve) models, Critical Strike is fast paced and fun. FPS veterans will enjoy being able to run, jump, and kill their enemies with realistic weapons and movement and newcomers will have a blast with addictive rounds of total annihilation.

Experience stimulating shots with the AK47, M249, M4A1, Desert Eagle, Sniper, knife and other light and heavy weapons. You can also throw grenades so you keep your ground safe and spread mayhem in your vicinity. Engage in hot desert combats, ice cold city battles and ignite your passion in the line of fire.

In Single Player you will try to kill and survive against bots. You also have Zombie survival - can you infect soldiers around you? - the Team Deathmatch - does it really need an introduction? Keep firing and lead the scores in the end! - customizable server settings like Player HP, player speed, zombie difficulty and dozens of unique maps. CS Portable also comes with customizable modes like Matrix mode, night mode and space mode.

It has dozens of unique maps (with more being added continuously) and you can also build and upload your own maps with Unity 3D.

With flexible battle modes, fast rhythm and realistic scenes and smooth interface control, CS Portable will meet all your shooting needs.

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Good App Guaranteed!

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